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Most Read articles – TSMC vs Intel, Xilinx SmartNICs, Microchip centre

Eweekly 26 Feb 2021
5 ... Lockheed Martin has now confirmed – as it expected – a request for additional information from the US Federal Trade Commission. 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... The company announced a new family of Aleveo SmartNICs, AI video analytics applications and an accelerated algorithm trading reference design for fast (sub-microsecond) trading ... 1. TSMC vs Intel ... .

Xilinx Revolutionizes the Modern Data Center with Software-Defined, Hardware Accelerated Alveo SmartNICs

Odessa American 23 Feb 2021
XLNX) today announced a range of new data center products and solutions, including a new family of Alveo SmartNICs, smart world AI video analytics applications, an accelerated algorithmic trading reference design for sub-microsecond trading, and the Xilinx App Store.

Xilinx launches SmartNICs and video analytics to accelerate data centres

Eweekly 23 Feb 2021
A third announcement was the sub-microsecond latency in algorithmic trading delivered by the Vitis development platform. The addition of an accelerated algorithmic trading (AAT) reference design means that no custom hardware development is need for fast trading performance.

What is a Professional Forex Trading Software?

CryptoNewsZ 24 Dec 2020
Foreign exchange trades test the abilities of the investors at every step of the trade. The sophisticated nature of forex trading makes it difficult for people to become successful in trading currency pairs. A new trader in the forex market needs to learn extensively about the forex market’s movement before placing orders and executing trades.

Beeks Announces the Launch of Beeks Analytics as a Service

Finance Magnates 05 Nov 2020
Providing our customers with a view of their trading performance right the way down to individual network packets, at microsecond resolution, is a critical element that financial firms struggle within the cloud and which Beeks is now able to offer.

Voyager Digital Revenue Rises Over 1,000% on Increased Crypto Adoption

XBT.MONEY 29 Oct 2020
Publicly traded digital-asset brokerage Voyager Digital (VYGR/VYGVF) registered four-digit revenue growth in the fiscal year ended June 30, 2020 ... “They want us to be the one that executes the trade in microseconds for customers, not making bets on coins one way or another.”.

Voyager CEO Says Revenue Growth Accelerates 8-Fold as DeFi Trading Surges

XBT.MONEY 25 Sep 2020
“You’re getting access to the digital crypto markets but you’re getting it through a publicly traded company that is trading on behalf of their customers,” Ehrlich said ... “They want us to be the one that executes the trade in microseconds for customers, not making bets on coins one way or another.”.

Opinion: Vanguard opposes this Wall Street tax its founder John Bogle favored — and that says a lot about mutual funds today

Market Watch 03 Sep 2020
The real burden of a FTT will fall on the professional traders who often trade in microseconds — algorithmic traders and high-frequency traders ... How fund giant Vanguard is misleading investors about a tax on stock trades ... Trading volume in shares of U.S ... of making a big trade.

DDoS downs New Zealand stock exchange for third day

Computer Weekly 27 Aug 2020
NZX expected the market to open the following day, Wednesday 26 August, but it decided to halt trading again after a further disruption ... Stock exchanges have invested heavily in trading systems that can complete trades from start to finish in microseconds and build infrastructures to minimise downtime.

Bequant, Now in Crowded Prime Brokerage Race, Adds Signature Bank Integration

XBT.MONEY 18 Aug 2020
Prime brokers are facilitators for financing and trading for deep-pocketed institutional investors ... “If you trade a high-frequency trading strategy, you may want to opt into a higher rate-per-second allocation.” Bequant’s internal trading averages around 400 microseconds per trade, which is close to the London Stock Exchange’s 150 microseconds.

EU needs to start enforcing data protection laws properly

The Irish Times 30 Jul 2020
All these pieces interlock ... Schrems II ... Your data, sifted and sorted into minute categories, is also traded in microsecond auctions between huge advertising entities in order to instantly serve you a specific targeted ad in the eyeblink between when a web page’s cookies know it’s you, and that page’s many parts congeal on the screen ... Business Today ... .

Huatai Futures Partners with Trading Technologies

Finance Magnates 16 Jun 2020
Chicago-headquartered Trading Technologies International, Inc ... Designed specifically for professional traders, TT incorporates a broad array of customizable tools to accommodate trading strategies that range from manual point-and-click trading to single-digit microsecond automated order entry.